"All you need.. is a Jolana!"

Jolana guitars enjoy a long tradition of quality and customer satisfaction reaching back to the late 1950's. Production began in Czechoslovakia whose reputation for superior craftsmanship and quality has always been highly prized. The various original designs and inventive sound concepts led the Jolana models to be a coveted treasure. The guitars soon earned world renown and came into the possession of a number of discriminating musicians. Some Jolana models were later forgotten, but many are still bringing pleasure to subsequent and long time owners today.

NBE Corp. is now the proud owner of The Jolana name. NBE is located in the Czech Republic, the original homeland of the Jolana guitar, where we carry on a tradition of fine craftsmanship. Our production team is formed by skilled and creative employees who have multiyear experience with the manufacture of electric string instruments. These experienced and skilled artisans work as a small family who care deeply for the quality of design and sound of each instrument that leaves their hands. The instruments are produced in a modern and roomy facility which combines traditional trade tools with modern technology and where all necessary time and care is taken to insure quality. Products from our factory are exported to all developed countries and we always receive the highest recommendation from our customers. At NBE we consider each customer as part of our own investment.

Although the production of Jolana guitars was interrupted for almost two decades, the brand was never forgotten. Musicians all over Europe know about Jolana guitars and many fortunate musicians still play on some of Jolana´s original "beauties". You can find many local collectors who proudly buy original Jolanas for their private collections.

We, at NBE factory, are very honored to be a part of the great history of these fine instruments. It is our aim to develop Jolana production during the upcoming years and bring about a revival in the legacy of this fine line of guitars.

Specifically; Jolana guitars today combine original neck and body designs and some authentic components made according to tradition with modern features like pickups by EMG, Seymour Duncan, Amber, or hardware by Schaller and Grover.

These modern Jolana guitars bring musicians high technical quality, great sound options, above standard workmanship, tradition and a little more than a touch of nostalgia making Jolana "all you need".


Your Jolana Team

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